Thursday, June 14, 2012

SOLD- Shane "Taman" Model 1970. AU$450

SOLD- Shane "Taman" Model 1970 - direct descendant of Ted Spencer White Kite, with beginning of the "S deck" side slipper volumes, Displacement hull under nose running to slight vee through tail.
Classic Greenough fin raked back. Ful volume through the tail, with 50/50 rails at the front running to low rails through the tail. Nice Knee patch.
"Taman" name most likely from Spencer's period of Hari Krishna experience and Taman Shud perhaps?
Classic late 60's early 70's transitional experimental shape.
Needs attention to the tail and nose, but otherwise in good original condition.
Ted Spencer was at the vanguard of the shortboard era as evidenced in MOTE when riding super short boards at Angourie.
6'8" - $450

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SOLD- World champ Pam Burridge comp board. AU$350

SOLD- Pam Burridge 6'2" comp board, with original sponsorship stickers
Very light and clean, couple of minor repairs done well
Late 80's shape.
The jet design on the fins relates to Martin Worthington's earlier designs. I have an Aloha that he signed which had this design as part of it's spray.

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SOLD- Jim Banks Emerald thruster. AU$170

SOLD- Jim Banks Emerald first generation thruster 1981
Needs a few dings repaired, but overall good condition, with nice spray
Shaped by one of the original Bronzed Aussies who became the master of Indo barrels during the late 80's-90's

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SOLD- Bennett double flyer pintail AU$350

Bennett double flyer pintail in very good condition - 6'10" by Frank Williams
Classic shape for the era in original condition with minor dings.
Heavily influenced by Nat, McT and Greenough 1972-73 Post MOTE

Saturday, June 9, 2012

SOLD - Vintage Vans "Off the Wall"

2 x pairs of vintage 80's low cut Vans size US 10. Found in Korean shoe store in New York in original packaging (with half an inch of dust). 1 x pink checker board with unique vans logo not found in recent re-issues and 1 x black and white palm tree design. Worn but authentic.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

SOLD- Lightning Bolt tri fin. $110.

SOLD- 6'0" Lightning Bolt tri fin shaped by Doug Warren in Hawaii.
Water tight and ready to surf.
Right fin a little loose and would benefit from a patch of glass.