Thursday, June 14, 2012

SOLD- Shane "Taman" Model 1970. AU$450

SOLD- Shane "Taman" Model 1970 - direct descendant of Ted Spencer White Kite, with beginning of the "S deck" side slipper volumes, Displacement hull under nose running to slight vee through tail.
Classic Greenough fin raked back. Ful volume through the tail, with 50/50 rails at the front running to low rails through the tail. Nice Knee patch.
"Taman" name most likely from Spencer's period of Hari Krishna experience and Taman Shud perhaps?
Classic late 60's early 70's transitional experimental shape.
Needs attention to the tail and nose, but otherwise in good original condition.
Ted Spencer was at the vanguard of the shortboard era as evidenced in MOTE when riding super short boards at Angourie.
6'8" - $450

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