Saturday, August 31, 2013

FOR SALE- Alan Atkins twin fin $450

FOR SALE- a rare Al Atkins (trigger bros shaped) twin fin. 
I have some correspondence from Al about this board in the email below.   I would be looking at $450.00 for the board. The condition is pretty good, just needs a few touch ups. Both fins are double foiled, so it is quite an early one& as Alan says there aren't many around.
Contact Andrew at
Thanks for the email.  
After my sponsorship as a competitor with Dive and Surf in Torquay [Fred Pyke] stopped, I was then sponsored by Trigger Bros. from the East Coast.  All my boards which I used in contests were made by them until about 1985 when Howard Hughes [my good mate from Airey's Inlet] offered to shape me boards.  I stayed with Howard until he shut his shop last year.
I sold quite a few boards for the first few years with Triggers directly from home at Anglesea and they had an "old english" writing sticker "alan atkins surfboards" made up for them.
I cant recollect the board unfortunately.  I designed my boards but didn't shape them personally.  Mostly I sold boards off the ones I was riding at the time.
I only rode twin fins for a short time and when thrusters appeared I moved over to them.  My surfing is strong on the back foot and the thrusters gave me move drive.
There certainly wont be many of those around!
Its funny, sometimes I wonder where my old boards have all gone these days as well.
Alan Atkins

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